Newcomb-Tulane College

Reading Project

The Newcomb-Tulane College Reading Project is the common intellectual experience for the entering first-year class, engaging students and faculty from different backgrounds and academic interests through the reading and discussion of a selected book.

The Reading Project is a signature, and mandatory, experience during Hullabaloo Hello.

Incoming students are tasked with reading the book over the summer, before they arrive on campus. During Hullabaloo Hello, you will discuss the book with a Tulane faculty member as your first intellectual conversation at Tulane. You will then have numerous opportunities to continue you engagement with the book themes through the Kylene and Brad Beers Reading Project Keynote Lecture and various other campus programming.

2024 Reading Project Book Selection


The 2024 Reading Project Book Selection for the Class of 2028 is Platonic: How The Science of Attachment Can Help You Make—and Keep—Friends by Dr. Marisa G Franco.


Is understanding the science of attachment the key to building lasting friendships and finding “your people” in an ever-more-fragmented world? How do we make and keep friends in an era of distraction, burnout, and chaos, especially in a society that often prizes romantic love at the expense of other relationships? In Platonic, Dr. Marisa G. Franco unpacks the latest, often counterintuitive findings about the bonds between us—for example, why your friends aren’t texting you back (it’s not because they hate you!), and the myth of “friendships happening organically” (making friends, like cultivating any relationship, requires effort!).As Dr. Franco explains, to make and keep friends you must understand your attachment style—secure, anxious, or avoidant: it is the key to unlocking what’s working (and what’s failing) in your friendships.

Making new friends, and deepening longstanding relationships, is possible at any age—in fact, it’s essential. The good news: there are specific, research-based ways to improve the number and quality of your connections using the insights of attachment theory and the latest scientific research on friendship. Platonic provides a clear and actionable blueprint for forging strong, lasting connections with others—and for becoming our happiest, most fulfilled selves in the process.