Transfer Students

Your TRANSFERmation to a Tulanian is almost complete!

Each year approximately 175 transfer students join the Tulane community in the spring or fall semester, so you won't be alone as you adjust to your new campus. During Hullabaloo Hello, you'll be connected with a Transfer Mentor who will serve as your Wave Leader and support you during your first semester on campus. 

"As a transfer student, I am so grateful for my Wave Leaders, classmates, professors, and sorority sisters who helped me find my place here at Tulane. I became close friends with one of my Wave Leaders, and you definitely could too! My sorority ultimately provided me with my first community on campus, giving me a social circle and people to rely on when facing challenges at my new school. Now that I have been at Tulane over a year, I am grateful for the confidence I have gained through my studies here."

— Jillian Greenberg, Class of 2022

"Even though we’re not first-year students anymore, this is still our first year at Tulane. Embracing the things I did to make friends at my last school - talking to the people who sit next to me in class, forming study groups early, and introducing myself to basically anyone within a five-foot radius - helped me adjust to Tulane, too. Although I was in higher-level courses, my classmates were still open to meeting new people and helping me figure out our class’ Canvas page. Organizing study groups helped me find fast friends in my major and do better in my classes at the same time."

— Shenu Kathymoon, Class of 2021