Our Commitment to You

As a university, we commit to:

  • Actively work to create a community where all new students are able to thrive as Tulanians, find their place, and feel as though they belong;

  • Encourage the healthy transition of every student to the academic and social communities of the university so all new students understand how to be a contributing member to the classroom and co-curricular, live independently, and develop and sustain healthy relationships, mentorship, and campus engagement;

  • Provide a clear, easy path to learn about Tulane and its resources, terminology, programs, and services, defining what success has looked like for a variety of students;

  • Treat each student as the expert and self-advocate of their own experience, encouraging them to be thoughtful and deliberate in their Tulane adventure and bold in their choices;

  • Educate on topics of inclusion, dialogue, and research, helping students gain an understanding and appreciation of a liberal arts education, citizenship development, & lifelong learning;

  • Support students through academic struggles, life changes, and moments of failure, and provide the guidance needed for reassessment and evaluation; and

  • Expose students to New Orleans and its unique traditions and celebrations, grounding students in the importance of placemaking, cultural respect, and honoring history.

Statement on Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion in the First-Year

The First-Year Experience (FYE) is resolute in its commitment to the intentional and successful transition of all students to the university. The FYE team works to advocate that all departments that support our newest students are committed to the engagement, learning, and centering of BIPOC and QTPOC individuals. FYE grounds our work in the principles of inclusion, equity, and social justice to promote a community where students of all backgrounds and experiences can find their place, build meaningful relationships, and grow into their authentic selves. FYE presents programs and services that center new students in a language and understanding of equity to ensure each student has a foundation of knowledge and supports the growth of their peers during their time at Tulane.