First-Year Honors Scholars

First-Year Honors Scholars have demonstrated themselves to be intellectual leaders and innovators in their high schools. They are highly curious, seek challenges, and show a desire to engage in rigorous thought that leads to extraordinary insights and ideas. They are tenacious in their pursuit of learning and in taking their place on Tulane’s campus as provocative thought leaders.

Newcomb-Tulane College provides a unique environment to cultivate intellectual leadership, innovation, and academic exploration for these top scholars. A cohorted first-year experience serves as your foundation by providing opportunities and tools to support high engagement and academic exploration and introduce you to the vast array of academic pathways at our research-elite institution.

At the end of your first year, you should be ready to embark on a self-designed academic and intellectual journey that takes advantage of the many opportunities Tulane offers.

Entry as an Honors Scholar is determined by admission; there is no application process. Students receive notification about their status as an Honors Scholar with their admission letter. Any questions about the Honors Scholar experience and its programs can be directed to Destiny Karash-Givens at Any questions about honors admission decisions can be directed to your admission counselor.

A Message from the Dean of Newcomb-Tulane College

Tulane University is so fortunate to welcome the most academically talented students in the country year after year. I am thrilled to welcome you to Tulane as a First-Year Honors Scholar! First-Year Honors Scholars engage in a robust series of programs that challenge them to define the scholar and leader they want to be during their time at Tulane. Through first-year seminars, small-group learning, and informal gatherings, Honors Scholars explore the many opportunities our research institution offers with dynamic faculty members and peer mentors as their guides.

Honors Scholars are highly curious, seek challenges, and show a desire to engage in rigorous thought that leads to extraordinary insights and ideas. The first year is about discovery — as a thought leader, intellectual community member, and innovator on campus and, eventually, in the world.

To support these pursuits, Honors Scholars have programs available to help them explore their majors, research interests, career paths, and academic opportunities. Scholars engage with faculty, researchers, and past Honors Scholars that will serve as their mentors.

I look forward to seeing you soar as a member of our campus community and intellectual leader.

Mollye Demosthenidy, Dean of Newcomb-Tulane College