Eferoghene's Find Your Purpose

Like many other stories, mine began with high hopes.

At the age of four, I got my first lab coat and plastic doctor’s set. And while other girls played with their little easy bake ovens, I would use my plastic stethoscope on the lifeless stuffed toys I possessed. I expected to hear the rhythm I listened to when I lay on my mother's chest from the stuffed animals. And when I got none, I was disappointed yet resolved that baking food with a light bulb wasn't for me. I thought “maybe I shouldn't be a pediatrician” (little me imagined those toys to be children). 

My drift from pediatrics landed me into dermatology. I would cut the aloe vera plants outside the house, scoop their insides, mix them with cooking oil, and apply in uneven layers all over my brother who pushed me away at every touch. You thought right! I grew out of dermatology too. My growth from dermatology wasn’t immediately replaced though. For a couple of years, I felt satisfied saying I wanted to be a doctor when asked my prospective future career. And dreaded people who were intelligent to ask the follow up question of “what kind?” 

Tragedies then befell me that medicine is yet to solve so I decided that the MD/Phd pathway was the way to go. That way, I could be involved in research on how to solve my problem (which would eventually help others in similar patients). And help patients too. 

As you very well can tell, my story isn't finished yet. And neither is yours. A key takeaway from my experiences is that whether the present pathway seems set or not, one must be diligent in all indulgences. I need not say more on the topic because we innately know what to do to achieve goals. 

But what’s that beautiful animal doing on the feature? Well, it’s a Tardigrade also known as a water bear. It is a microorganism that can survive harsh conditions (including outer space). This creature is known to be one of the most resilient alive. We may not need to use its tactics in our daily lives for survival. But knowledge of its existence is proof that survival could be achieved. And that’s all we need to know to keep our heads in the game.   


Eferoghene, 2021