Anthony's Find Your Place

Arriving on your first day of school, halfway across the country, can never be easy. I only knew two other kids here that came from my high school. There was a whole new world in front of me and an opportunity to form the relationships I wanted. I spent the majority of my first few weeks on campus exploring the surrounding buildings of my dorm. Gradually, the vicinity of the location of buildings spanned out until I explored every building on campus. Being able to familiarize myself with the campus, I was able to be a little bit more knowledgeable about my surroundings and what they had to offer. From campus, my explorations spanned out to the surrounding areas of Uptown and eventually the city of New Orleans itself. Additionally, that’s how I made a few of my first friends. I was thrilled to spend time with anyone eager to get out and explore the location we were now set to live in. 


As the few weeks went by, I attended the virtual club fair. The fair, unfortunately, contained many club info sessions that overlapped. Despite this, I was able to attend the sessions for the things I am now involved in. I rushed the pre-professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, and was able to be offered a pledging experience. Through Alpha Kappa Psi to meet a multitude of students on and off-campus with similar goals and interests. I also joined the Tulane Mock Trial team after trying out. Operating under the restrictions of the global pandemic, the organizations I joined were doing the most of what they could. I ended up making most of my friends from the organizations I joined.


Another aspect that played an essential role in my social life was my dorm. I was fortunate enough to live on the 11th floor of Monroe Hall. The restrictions the school was placed under caused many people to congregate in the dorms. Because of this, students who lived on the same floors became very close to each other. My floor, thankfully, was no exception. Both the guys and the girls on both sides of the floor became instantaneously close. Being in such a social environment would have overwhelmed me in any other situation, but somehow it didn’t in this instance. It was more comforting to know that there was an accepting and kind community that surrounded me. 


Being able to get involved and be active in the community I am a part of allowed me to branch out and make many friends. Thankfully, Tulane University fosters many ways to get involved. The fear of not being able to make friends in such a new environment engulfed me during the summer leading up to the start of school but quickly dispersed after being able to spend some time in New Orleans. 


Anthony, 2021