Get to know FY5 Kenedi

Hello beautiful people! My name is Kenedi Garrett (she/her), and I am so excited to be a part of the 2024-25 First-Year Five team! I am from Memphis, Tennessee (GO GRIZZLIES!), but I was born and raised in Northwestern Mississippi. I am a current sophomore majoring in Public Health with a Spanish minor on the pre-health track. I am so excited to welcome you all to campus! 

I am a current Gates Scholar, and on campus, I am a delegate in the Tulane Undergraduate Assembly, a volunteer for Students Against Food Insecurity, a member of the Black Student Union, a Student Organization Ambassador, a Wave Leader for Hullabaloo Hello and of course, a member of the First-Year five group! In my free time, I love to cook extravagant meals for my friends, visit thrift shops, and explore the Greater New Orleans Area. Some of my favorite places to visit are Magazine Street, City Park, Second Lines (you’ll learn about this soon!) and the Magasin Vietnamese Café. New Orleans has a ton of individuals with Vietnamese backgrounds, and to me, they are one of the dominators of food culture here! My go-to order is the Pork Vermicelli Bowl!

The experiences you’ll receive here will be amazing. My favorite part about being at Tulane, other than the New Orleans community, is the large number of diverse perspectives at the university, and how this can shape the way that you develop throughout your time in undergrad. Tulane has students from all over the world, and this helps you grow to learn much about different cultures and lifestyles. My biggest advice for you all is to explore as many different things as possible, and to be involved! You never know what may come from it. If you have any questions about doing getting involved, the Tulane experience, or even what to get from Magasin, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram @firstyear.tulane!

Welcome to Tulane!