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There are many peer mentorship opportunities on Tulane's campus. Whether you're looking for a mentor or seeking leadership roles in your Sophomore year, reference the list below for more information on how to get involved.

Center For Intercultural Life Peer Mentors

Sponsored by the Carolyn Barber-Pierre Center for Intercultural Life

The goal of the Peer Mentor Program is to pair incoming first-year students and new transfer students with upper-class student mentors who serve as coaches, role models, advisers, guides, and referral agents to facilitate transitioning into Tulane collegiate life. The peer-to peer model program promotes and facilitates student interaction and provides opportunities for students to connect and form strong academic relationships, share knowledge, and work together to succeed in college. Furthermore, peer mentors provide personalized and sensitive support for academic, personal, and social development.

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First-Year Seminar Peer Mentors

Sponsored by the Office of First-Year Experience

The First-Year Seminar Peer Mentor Program is an academic leadership opportunity for upper-class students to serve as a mentor to new students in a first-year seminar classroom, including TIDES & Honors Colloquium. Peer Mentors play a crucial role in helping our newest students transition to the academic and social communities of Tulane. Starting from the very first class meeting during New Student Orientation and continuing through the full semester, Peer Mentors lay a foundation of support for first-year students by modeling a collaborative and inclusive academic culture, delivering content on academic success and Tulane campus culture, and helping students connect with different campus resources and opportunities for academic exploration.

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Newcomb Big/Little Peer Mentors

Sponsored by the Newcomb Institute

Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors sign up to be "bigs," to mentor a first-year "little." Bigs serve as a resource, a guide, and a friend as each first-year transitions to Tulane, and are a helpful source of advice and insight throughout the semester. Newcomb Institute hosts events for both Bigs and Littles to attend in order to get to know each other better. All first-year and transfer students are welcome to register to be a Newcomb Little.

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Peer Success Leaders

Sponsored by Success Coaching

Peer Success Leaders are highly motivated and capable students who are ready to assist their peers through the challenges that come with the different stages of your college career. Whether it is navigating the academic and social challenges of college or pursuing leadership and involvement opportunities on campus, PSLs will collaborate with you to build a strong foundation and success plan for your time at Tulane.

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Resident Advisors

Sponsored by the Office of Housing & Residence Life

Resident Advisors are live-in student staff members who serve as role models and facilitate activities and programs in the residence halls. RAs are vital to building a strong residence hall community, upholding Community Living Standards, holding residents accountable, and managing student concerns and crises.

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Tutors & Supplemental Instruction

Sponsored by the Academic Learning & Tutoring Center

ALTC peer tutors review class concepts, work practice problems, answer questions, and support students enrolled in the course. All ALTC tutors excelled in the course in a previous semester and are available to meet in one-on-one or group settings. Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an internationally recognized academic support program and has been proven to increase student success for those who engage in the learning process. At Tulane, students see the best GPA outcomes when they attend five or more SI sessions. In these regularly scheduled, out-of-class review sessions, students will work collaboratively in reading discussions, solving practice problems, comparing notes, working together to prepare for tests, and sharing ideas for improving learning.

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Wave Leaders

Sponsored by New Student & Leadership Programs

Every year, 100+ Wave Leaders support the orientation & transition of new students throughout New Student Orientation and Fall Welcome. Each Wave Leader works closely with a small group of students to familiarize them with life at Tulane and offer guidance and support throughout their transition to college.

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